Monday, February 1, 2010

Next meeting Mon 22 Feb 8 am SLT/Pacific = 11 am ET = 5 pm UK

• Katie King is back from discussion of Kara Keeling's The Witch's Flight. It is a complex book and we will probably be returning to it down the road.
• But for next time we are slated for Anna Tsing's essay on mushrooms as companions species. Email Katie for a copy: katking [at] umd [dot] edu
• Mon 22 Feb same time same place. SLURL -- this is the url that takes you to the Quaker meeting house at Sea Turtle Island in Second Life.
• To receive notice of all events, join the FB group: Feminist Reading Group at Sea Turtle Zendo (even though we are out growing the Zendo and are now at the Quaker meeting house).
• There is also an SL inworld group: Feminist Reading Group. For an invitation to join, IM either Lindsay Madrigal inworld or Katie Fenstalker (my avatar's name).

IF YOU HAVE TROUBLE REGISTERING: this is what Linden Labs told me when I asked:
"If the resident needs a avatar manually created by us they can submit a guest ticket on the Second Life support portal by using their e-mail address to contact us." Haven't heard if anyone has tried this yet and how it helped. Click this link to get to SL Support. 

If you want help at becoming comfortable in Second Life email Katie and she will meet up for an orientation if you want.

Here we are, talking today:

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Second Meeting Monday 1 Feb 8 am SLT @ Quaker Meeting House

We had to change the meeting time and even the place! We are about to overflow the Zendo, we will be meeting instead at the Quaker Meeting House near Cedar Island. Here is the SLURL. Click it when you are ready to go into Second Life and it will transport you to the right location.


We met 11 Jan and decided to discuss Keeling's The Witch's Flight next at the same times: 8 am SLT Pacific USA/11am ET USA/ 5pm UK/Europe. We will read pp. ix-44 & 95-117. Videos and such are linked at the blog from my discussion in posts below -- go to my class blog with video clips and such. We will discuss an essay from Anna Tsing Mon 22 Feb same times. Email Katie [katking [at] umd [dot] edu for a copy.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

We meet first time Monday 11 January, 8 am SLT at the Zendo.


The first meeting will be organizational -- altho I hope we actually talk about various books we want and like and desire! So you can still talk about any even before you get it! And the meeting is on monday the 11 of Jan. in SL. 8am SLT or Pacific Coast USA time, 11 am Eastern USA time, and 5 pm UK and Sweden time (I hope... I have that right!). You need only get to the place, be able to walk into the Zendo and sit down. And then use text to communicate. This should be relatively simple! Relatively! Ask for help if you need it. I will try to be inworld an hour ahead of time to help people. Instant message me in world -- my name is Katie Fenstalker.

Katie Fenstalker looks like this:


Katie King looks like this:


And the Zendo at Sea Turtle Island in Second Life looks like this: